It May Never Happen – Dark & Golden 003

It May Never Happen collects the Kevin Woodcock cartoons that ran under that banner in Brain Damage and The Damage comic in 1989 and 1990. Long out of print and massively under-appreciated, the cartoons of Kevin Woodcock are an unnerving trip to a place that is just not quite right. In these glimpses of unease and weird cruelty the funny bone is always exposed and the widest grin belongs to a skull. Introduce yourself to one of the most distinctive voices in British cartooning.

Cartoons by Kevin Woodcock.

Newly scanned from original issues of Brain Damage and the Damage, this collection contains all 31 cartoons in the It May Never Happen series and is the first in a series bringing this astounding cartoonist back to availability.

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Dark & Golden Books are dedicated to charting a less travelled course through the history of British comics, finding and celebrating mislaid and forgotten classics for the audience of today in new high-quality editions.


105mm x 148mm

36 pages, in black and white.

Art scanned at 800 dpi on an Epson 11000XL Scanner.

Comic printed on 115GSM uncoated paper by Comic Printing UK on an HP Indigo printer.

Edited by Tom Oldham and Douglas Noble.

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