Grave Horticulture 3

Strip For Me is pleased to bring the Grave Horticulture comics of Paul Jon Milne roaring into digital life! A genuine modern classic comes to an explosive and expansive conclusion in 120 pages of TOO MUCH FUN!!

Midden Brawny’s been sealed off from the wider world by other-dimensional means, and Gravelly Grove allotments are looking a right state. Bad news for The Blood Vegan’s fruit and veg, but how does this affect the Road Ghoul’s search for his missing kids, and who’s that staying with Daniel Furnace in his Erratic Caravan?!? Find out in the third and final bumper-sized issue of GRAVE HORTICULTURE!!!

Available to buy on Comixology now!

“A mesmerising vision of punk agrarianism that feels like the next logical step UK comics should take… Wreckage, in the most empowering sense” Sarah Horrocks (THE COMICS JOURNAL)

“If you’re a fan of wild inventiveness, necromantic vegans, bold characters, demonic pacts and bleak hilarity, this uniquely stylish book is for you. And if you’re not a fan of those things, it will turn you into one.” Al Kennedy (HOUSE TO ASTONISH)

“Grave Horticulture is another psychedelic masterpiece from Scotland’s greatest underground cartoonist” Bobsy (SILENCE! PODCAST)

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