Void Warrant

“Okay, men! It’s like this, see? That hotsy young hunk, Fex Doppler, he may be some great shakes on the hit parade, but now he’s on the lam, he’s number one in my chart rundown!”

Ain’t that the truth, pilgrims? In a future hellscape that’s happening right now, your favourite popstar is in a whole heap of trouble, stolen goods glowing in his sweaty hands! What’s his secret, bub? Who’s good? Who’s bad? And who could stand to be inbetween?

Strip For Me is pleased to present this, an uninhibited riot on the comics page from Paul Jon Milne, the bulging hand behind the pen that brought you Grave Horticulture, Hard Ships and Get The Human Face. You can’t be seen without it!

Get yourself here!

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