Digital Graves

Strip For Me is pleased to bring the Grave Horticulture comics of Paul Jon Milne roaring into digital life for the first time, releasing them through the ComiXology platform on Wednesday, 9th of October, 2019. Not only will the first two bumper issues of Grave Horticulture be available, but also the exceptionally rare comic Daniel Furnace is The Devil’s Boy will get a wide release for the very first time.

Grave Horticulture 1 & 2

Midden Brawny is a town riddled with creepy secrets, and they all seem to centre around the Gravelly Graves allotment. But why is the owner known as ‘The Blood Vegan’, and who lives in the Erratic Caravan? Why is faded pop hunk Daniel Furnace being hassled by ghouls? What’s inside the Awful Hothouse? What’ll happen when the local coppers get wind of it? And just HOW is local naff dad Gary Flash involved with all this?!?

Daniel Furnace is The Devil’s Boy

Tears Don’t Last Long in Hell! From the grim grimoires of Gravelly Grove comes the secret history three worlds have been clamouring for! Previously only available in an edition of thirteen diabolical copies, we are pleased to unleash the true and terrible backstory of fan favourite Daniel Furnace on an unsuspecting and undeserving world. Thrilling thrills to keep you up at night, and wide-eyed through the daytime! Behind the mystery of Grave Horticulture… the enigma of The Devil’s Boy!

“There’s something uniquely hot daddy to the fetish bar lurking in the power of these drawings that when combined with the Scottish phraseology witch their way into a mesmerizing vision of punk agrarianism” – The Comics Journal.

Look for more thrilling and mesmerising digital releases from Paul Jon Milne and Strip For Me, with a welcome release planned for Guts Power and further, ever more secret projects to come.

Paul Jon Milne is a comics artist based in Edinburgh. His next project, Hard Ships, sees him tackle deep space and hot flesh in the year’s most explosive sci-fi stunner.

Strip For Me publish the comics of Douglas Noble, including the award-winning Jazz Creepers and Horrible Folk. Strip For Me also administer the digital comics work of Sean Azzopardi, more of which will be coming to ComiXology over the next months.

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