Patreon Me

From the start of September, I’ll be putting new pages of The Lies of the Saints up on Patreon.  For those of you who have seen The Lies of the Saints before, you really haven’t seen this. Extensively retooled, rewritten and redrawn, in a whole new format, and starting from the start, rather that darting about all over the place, this is the story as it was meant to be told, and I look forward to you all reading it.  The first of the new pages goes up on the first Friday in September, but sign up to the Patreon before that and you get yourself the entirety of the old version of Abernethy Saint’s story to start you off – a suite of pages that I won’t get to for… oh, a year?

The cheapest tier is only a dollar, and there’ll be lots of process posts and comparisons between script and the previous iterations of the story.  It’s going to be a grand time.

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