A Man of Certain Talents


A man must complete a number of mysterious actions on behalf of an equally mysterious employer. It’s a puzzle about identity, set in a world without names. Where no answers are supplied and the questions are left unsaid.

A good turn. A locked door. A solitary child.

A man of certain talents.

“Hats off to you Mr. Noble; when people accusingly challenge me that all comics are for intellectual retards and bed wetters, all failed relationships and whimsy, I can add this to my arsenal of come backs; ‘yeah but have you seen this?'” – Oliver East, Trains Are Mint.

“It’s a fascinating story, hugely enjoyable, although you may not actually ever realise why you’re enjoying it so much.” – Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International.

A Man of Certain Talents is available on Comixology UK and Comixology US.


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