Comics Unmasked


So, Comics Unmasked. Here’s something that I should have mentioned previously – if you go to the current Comics Unmasked exhibition that is running in the British Library, you will be able to find my comic The Silent Choir on one of two screens tucked in at the end of the display. It’s a great honour to find myself in such illustrious company, especially as the exhibition seeks to cover the history of British comics. It’s nice to feel like I’m part of a tradition of some kind!

I know that I’m hopelessly compromised to say it, but the exhibition itself is a must see if you have any kind of interest in comics, and specifically British comics. Not only are there some amazing examples on display, both in terms of issues and original art, but the whole exhibition takes great pains to contextualise the work, so you can see From Hell sitting next to the Police Gazette reporting on the Ripper crimes, for example, or notebooks by Crowley and Dee sitting next to work on magic. There’s footage of artists and writers at work, and examples of work in progress. And comics, glorious comics!

Of course, there’s so much to see that I can’t expect anyone to sit down and read all one hundred and one pages of The Silent Choir during their visit, so please take the time while you are here to sit in comfort and sift through the story. You can find it right here, waiting to unlock its mysteries.


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